Commercial Window Tint

Cali Tint offers High Performance films for your working environment.



  • Heat Rejection up to 78%
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Retains up to 20% of the heat in during the winter months. Contact us to learn how.
  • Rebates available for a limited time. *Restrictions Apply*


  • Reduce Eye straining Glare from Direct Sunlight
  • Daytime Privacy


  • Helps protect from vandalism , smash and grab, etc., due to glass breakage entry.
  • Protection from glass breakage due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, violent storms, high winds, etc.
  • Anti-Graffiti film designed to protect glass surface from being scratched due to vandalism. Good for store fronts, lobbies, showrooms, restroom windows and more.


  • These guys are great. Very professional in handling business. I spent over 30 minutes in the shop picking out what tint I wanted. The owner showed me Rayno S5 and the S9. He showed and explained the difference between the two. After that he left me alone to make my decision on the tint. I went with the Rayno S9 due amount of heat it keeps out of the car. They take there time giving you the best results on your car. The car looked totally different when I picked it up. All I could say is “WOW”.

    While in the shop I observed that these guys are very busy from the start of the day. I called around 5:30 PM to see if my car was ready, and had to leave message. The owner call me back within 30 minutes giving me an update. No problems or complaints. The owner really went out of his way to help me out. I was supposed to pick up my car at 930 am, but I found myself without a ride to the CaliTint. The owner called me about picking up my car. I explained that I could not find a ride to the shop. He came to my house and picked me up. Now I call this customer service. He didn’t have to do this, but he made time to help me out. I will definitely use them again, and recommend them to all my friends.

    Tracey Carey M., Pleasanton, CA
  • They just tinted my BMW 535i. I am so happy with their work. I’ve never tinted my windows before and I wish I done this years ago.

    The temperature inside my car is cooler than I ever imagined and it looks amazing too.

    These guys are professional. I dropped off the car at 9 am this morning and had it back by 4pm.

    More importantly just because I rolled up in a BMW I paid the same as if I pulled up in a Honda or Toyota. The price was great and the product and service even better.

    These guys will do it right.

    Craig E.,Livermore, CA