Anti-Graffiti Films

Unfortunately, the issues of vandalism and physical destruction of property are not limited to any one industry or any one geographic market. It is a worldwide problem that costs billions of dollars annually.  Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate these harmful acts of others for the benefit of  the rest of society.

Madico Graffiti-Free® film products offer a safety layer of film that protects both glass and other smooth surfaces from harm. Optically clear and distortion free, Madico graffiti film acts as a sacrificial barrier to guard against costly graffiti, etching, or high-traffic wear while providing a protective layer of safety from flying glass should glass break.  Our films are easily removable for replacement without leaving a residue which can improve the turnaround period for maintenance and servicing of rail cars, buses, elevators and escalators, and vending machines. All public spaces can benefit from Madico Graffiti-Free films.

Madico Graffiti films come in various styles depending upon the requirements. The films offers the highest level of testing certification available for glass and other surfaces. You can review the certifications below.

Madico Blister Free film is also available. This film is used specifically to prevent bubbles or delamination on polycarbonate and other plastic surfaces

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